How To Naturally Lose Belly Fat Fast

Including 2 immediate action steps proven to make you NATURALLY LOSE BELLY FAT FAST and slim down rapidly!

There is a proven formula for losing stomach fat fast.  I say proven, because I’ve seen if work in virtually every single person who actually applies it.

So here’s what I’m going to do, simply watch the two videos below (the entire length of each one) and then read the post below and I’ll elaborate on a few things.  (Here’s another great post that will help you lose weight fast)

If you are desperate to naturally lose belly fat fast, then doing what I tell you will work if you actually do it the way I say.

Here’s the two videos below.  In video one I give you the two action steps to apply daily.  Don’t worry, they are super simple:  I’m telling you – anybody can do these things with just a little bit of effort and they probably won’t cost you a single dime unless you need to get a gym membership.

Video #1:  How To Naturally Lose Stomach Fat Fast – IMMEDIATE action steps.

 The second video here is just a follow-up to the first one.  In this video I elaborate on the first “diet” tip I reveal and show you exactly how you should be eating each day to lose belly fat fast.  I promise you, this is no joke.  This simplistic approach really works rapidly.

Video #2:   Best Diet To Naturally Lose Stomach Fat Fast

 Now, as I indicated in the video – you should be able to get huge results in 14 days or less doing this, but you will need to be consistent.

This is not “rocket science” guys.  If you want to lose belly fat fast then it’s just a matter of following that same repetitive formula I gave you in the videos over and over and over again.  That’s the trick.  The results come rapidly.  (Here’s my tops 2 foods that burn fat.)

Here’s the basic formula I described in the videos

Exercise 7 days each week, BEFORE you eat breakfast
Eat 6 meals each day spread 2.5 hours apart.  Eliminate (or
strictly limit the “starchy” carbs with the exception of
brown rice.  For four of those meals include a lean
protein source.
So your day will resemble the following:
Wake up
Drink large glass of water (1/2 body weight in ounces water per day)
Circuit training (Or some for of intense) 30 minutes
Meal 1:  Eat breakfast  (ground turkey, brown rice)
Meal 2:  Snack (spinach salad)
Meal 3:  Lunch (chicken breast and avocado
Meal 4:  Snack (almonds)
Meal 5:  Dinner (steak and broccoli)
Meal 6:  Snack (spinach chicken salad)
Here’s an example of one of my favorite fat burning foods, chicken with broccoli.

naturally lose belly fat fast meal

And for those of you who think that organic butter makes you fat, you need to do your research!

If you want to naturally lose belly fat fast, then that’s the formula I recommend.  It’s very simplistic, but it works.  Just follow it for the next 7 to 14 days and watch what happens. (Here’s another major fat burning secret)

Natural Diet – The Key To Losing Abnormal Belly Fat.

Look guys, you must understand that for the most part, belly fat is “abnormal”.  I’m talking the stuff that most of you have directly above and below and surrounding your belly button (just like in the photo below).

naturally lose belly fat fastIt is not a natural occurrence.

It only makes sense then that something unnatural has caused it.  That’s just logic. Find it.  Eliminate it.  And the results will begin to appear. And the longer you eliminate it the better the results will be.  Kind of like a puddle of water evaporates when it stops raining.

The cause, of course, can only be found in your diet.  After all, food builds the body.  You absolutely become what you eat.

If you are fat and unhealthy it’s only because you’ve eaten fat and unhealthy food.

If you’re lean and vigorous… well – you’ve eaten “life-giving” food.

Now.  There are certainly many civilizations that actually prove this.  The Vilcabambas for example… long lost society that has virtually no obesity.  They do not eat the typical “grocery store diet” and as a results, it’s virtually impossible to find any of these people that have abnormal fat.

They eat real food that is grown without chemicals and stored without preservatives.  As a results, there are no abnormal hormonal reactions taking place in their body, so they have no abnormal stomach fat.  Hell, they have virtually none of the diseases like cancer and heart that most “regular” people get either.

Here’s my point, if you need to lose belly fat fast, then begin immediately to follow the info I teach in the videos above.  Then, in order to keep it off (along with all other abnormal fat) begin to adopt a completely natural diet.  I explain what this is in my article about natural weight loss.

Back when I had loads of abdominal fat my goal became simple,  I would correct my hormonal imbalance by totally eliminating the refined (dead) food.  This is how to lose belly fat forever.

By simply eating meats, vegetables fruits and grains that had been grown 100% naturally, organically.

And when I say “grains”, I basically began eating just one or two of them (brown rice and oatmeal. For more info on why whole grains make you fat – visit the “lose weight fast and easy” link on the tab above - or read is whole wheat pasta healthy.

Note:  Don’t Eat This!
naturally lose belly fat fast meal


Ok, so I basically completely overhauled my diet and began eating “organically”.  The results where not what you’d expect.  (For Carbs – make sure they are “slow carbs”)

They didn’t show up overnight doing this.  What I later found was that was the “trial”.  It is the period that separates those who get all the benefits from those who don’t.  Most people end up stopping three feet from gold.  They never fully give their body enough time to adapt.  To fully correct itself from the years of eating trash food.  But once it does.

Once the hormones balance out.  Become natural.  Your body will literally repel belly fat.  Plus, your health will soar!

P.S.  Remember guys, if you’re desperate to lose belly fat fast than begin following the info in the video first.  That’s going to get you some very rapid results.  From there you can gradually begin to implement the natural diet tip I gave in the last section of this video.

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80 comments on “How To Naturally Lose Belly Fat Fast
  1. Nabil.akk says:

    Hello Jason,

    My name is Nabil and i train 5 times a week but i don’t know a diet for me, I’m 16 and i play high league soccer(npl) and i need a diet to really eliminate my stomach fat and for me to get lighter. So if you can please reply with a diet i could use, i need something easy to make cause i cant cook and i need simple meals. I’ve been looking every where but i cant find anything so yeah please help me and make me a diet plan :) thanks Jason #My-inspiration.
    -Hope to receive a a reply soon.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Jason, I watched a few of your videos on YouTube and I think they are all great and thank you for your help. After watching a few videos I kind of mixed in a few of the things you mentioned to get rid of belly fat. Just wanted your input on it. Thanks!


    7:50 am -1) protein shake – Whey protein after workout

    10:00 – Oatmeal with banana and a spoon of peanut butter

    12:30 Pm- Chicken, brown rice and broccoli

    3:30 – turkey and spinach

    6:00 – Chicken and a veggie

    8:00 – maybe a snack ( small salad or almonds.)

    Please let me know if this work so I can start implementing it. Feel free to adjust something if something isn’t right. Thanks again.

    • Bottom line Jonathan lots of factors involved here. Your weight, how much you workout and how you body responds to certain foods so I obviously can’t say that this is going to work. You need to try it and make adjustments. I mean, that’s how I approach my food intake. If something is not working I adjust. With that said — looks pretty damn good in my book. I personally have gotten away from oatmeal, but again — that’s me. Doesn’t mean I have anything against it, but it’s just a food item I have removed in favor of another chicken breast or something of the sort. LISTEN – this is not a blanket across the board statement. Too many people are going to take this and run out and change things – not necessary. KNOW YOUR FRICKEN BODY man. You are not a robot.

  3. paige says:

    Hi Jason my name is Paige I’m trying to loose my stomach that’s it that’s all what if I have just some type a fruit a day and workout for 30 minutes each day will I still loose my stomach fat and also does vinegar, lemon, or metamucil help??

  4. Grishma Bijukumar says:

    Hey Jason I saw you video on youtube and I’m willing to do what you have said but I’m extremely nervous that will it work because I’ve been trying loads of different types of fitness and literally none of them are working

    • Obviously there are no guarantees Grishma – but what I share works for others. Bottom line, I think your taking the wrong approach to losing weight. You say you’re “nervous” that it won’t work but truth is, if something doesn’t work you just keep changing the approach until you find something that does. I mean, it’s not a “one size fits all” thing. Life is about making adjustments until you find something that works — not spending all your time looking for the “perfect” thing and then when it doesn’t work just quitting. Hope this makes sense and sorry for delay. I just see too many people who don’t seem to understand that it’s ok to make adjustments in life and to be wrong and to make more adjustments. Losing weight is prime example.

  5. steven brooks says:

    Hi your site Is really good I am Steve I am 26 stone really need to lose weight I am going to start this diet really need to lose weight thanks for this. from Steve

  6. lisa says:

    im a 24 year old mam with 3children 5,3,1 so got my hands full… will be starting your program this week, i will keep you updated to let you know hopefuly a change in my baby belly fat :D haha…. watched your videos and 100% going for it! sad thing is i love milk and as u said it’s a NO NO! just water for me i guess :(
    thanks for your info.


    • Hey Lisa – great stuff! Keep me posted on your results. Check out the post I made on Facebook today I believe it will give you some perspective on “dieting” and eliminating foods and things like Milk. Bottom line – I hate complete restriction.

  7. sjoseph says:

    WOW, Your muscles have increased, since I last saw your picture (6 months ago) I must say you are practicing what you preach. Now you should write a book on how to build muscles. Thank you, You have inspired me not to give up and build up instead. Why don’t you load a video on You tube to explain and show off your results?

  8. henna says:

    hiii i wanted to ask , is the excercise 30 mins just in the morning?

    • Hey Henna – I do both just depends on the day. I like to mix it up so sometimes I will workout in the morning and sometimes later in the day. Although if my #1 goal was to lose a lot of weight quickly I would seriously be trying to exercise in the morning.

  9. AnnieBee says:

    Hi Jason,

    I start my 7/14 days of what you recommend and I just have a quick question; Does it matter on portion size or putting the food on a scale or do you just stop eating until you’re full? Can you have too much of a certain food that will make you gain weight?

    Please get back to me soon.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. Kay says:

    Hi Jason.

    Is their a certain portion size of the chicken breast or any other meat?
    Also is grill veggies just as good as raw?
    Also is lean ground beef good too? 93% beef & 7% fat? I love hamburgers (I’ll use without bread, of course)

    Portion size as well?

    • Hi Kay… I don’t believe in portion size. In my book it’s a total gimmick. I eat until I’m satisfied… period. As far as the other things you indicated… NOT SURE… everybody responds differently to food. I mean, there’s not a single study that can claim “difinitively” that raw veggies are going to make you lose more weight than cooked. (at least I’ve never read one). I try to eat raw whenever possible just because they tend to retain more nutrient density. Also, I don’t see why 93% would be any better OR worse than 90% or there about. I mean… you can really “split hairs” but for some people a fattier cut actually burns more fat. I try to eat my meats as leans as possible, but don’t fret when they are a little “fattier”.

      • Kay says:

        First of all, Thanks for reply Jason. It means a lot!

        I will look at your book for sure, I’m just trying to gather informations before I start Monday.

        What do you think of Green Smoothies? Or smoothies period?

  11. Kay says:

    Hi Jason,

    I was wondering if seasoning the chicken is also good? I wouldn’t mind having chicken every day but would also like types of flavors beside pepper and salt. Also, I would like to know if I could do a green smoothie which adds kale cause I would like to drink it instead of eat it. maybe have it as a snack? and what kinda of oat meals is good for breakfast? quickers or the original? I think I have my daily meal planned out, I just want to make sure it’s all fine and will help me lose weight. If you have time, I wouldn’t mind typing it out to get your input? Also the froze spinach I’ve seen, you said you eat that too? That’s fine instead of getting it fresh and as long it’s veggies in your system? Sorry, I just want to start off with good info instead of just jumping in.

    Thanks, I’d love to hear back from you.

  12. Danielle says:

    Hi Jason,
    I came across your videos on YouTube. I have been struggling with weight problems since i was a kid. I am now 28 years old. I am a single mother who wants to be around to see my son grow up and your videos are TRULY an inspiration. I am hoping this is the diet for me. I do ask though if you can possible tell me what some good snacks would be? Thanks so much for reaching out and helping everyone!!!
    Best Wishes,

    • Hey Danielle – first and foremost… we all want you on this earth for a long long time so don’t go anywhere! Thanks for the post and question. Bottom line… healthy “snacks” for me are just small meals. I eat no less than 6 meals per day and all are pretty much same size. Why? Simply because it works exceptionally well for me. So lets say I wake up and have eggs (as I do on many occasions). That’s meal 1. My second meal would be about 2 hours later and could be something like a whey protein shake with a scoop of peanut butter. I guess you could consider that a “snack”. Basically too me perfect snack foods are things that contribute to my fat burning and muscle building. That means good protein source ZERO refined carbs — basically LOW GLYCEMIC. My snacks would be “mixes” of foods. So like almonds with a small chicken breast (sounds too big to be a snack I know). Whey with peanut butter. I don’t believe in the standard ol’ “apple” or “banana” or “salad” snack. Why? because I think it’s very over hyped and has never proven itself effective for me. I like “substance”… period. Bottom line… protein and healthy fat are always good choices for simple fact that the combo burns fat and builds muscle. Make sense Danielle??

  13. Brandon Lopez says:

    Hey my name is Brandon and I just saw your video what other excersice can you do other than lifting weights and still get the same result. Can you do push-ups it’s because I don’t have weights??

    • Hey Brandon (great name my brother’s name is Brandon) — the short answer is NOTHING. Let me clarify (and these are my opinions but they are backed by real world results)… the action of lifting a “weight” forces muscle fibers to react a different way and as a results the muscle building tends to be superior. Case in point… (and I have done this)… if I were to go off my weight lifting routine and simply do things like push-ups and other “body-weight” exercises my weight lifting strength has always plummeted (this happens for most people). Why? because there is just something about lifting weights that really strengthens the muscle fiber. NOW… this doesn’t mean you can’t get results dong things like push ups (you certainly can)… but in my opinion the results are not going to be the same. It’s like the difference between long distance running and sprinting. Both are “running”… but the results over time on the human body are very different. Sprinters tend to get “ripped” while long distance runners tend to lose muscle because there bodies are adapting to “oxygen” needs. First of all I’d do whatever I can to lift weights… but if I can’t I’d be doing HIIT (high intensity training). Things like cross fit exercises. Sprinting and other high intensity (SHORT BURST) things like pull-ups till failure. Why — cause these things release excess growth hormone and have a muscle building effect. Make sense? Just my thoughts Brandon, but I have done things like this with very good results.

  14. Char Staszak says:

    Hi Jason, I am a 50 year old female, and have just spent 3 hours viewing your videos. I will be talking to my doctor this week and hope to get stated soon. I’ve had a Kidney transplant, and am taking prednisone as part of my anti-rejection therapy. This is a steriod, and it makes it hard for me to loss weight. I have been holding on to 40 pounds since my transplant March of 2011. Prednisone is known for redistributing the fat cells to the middle area. I hope this works for me. thanks for all the great info! Char

    • Hey Char – thanks for sharing and I wish you nothing but the best. A tough situation but I know you can overcome it and WILL! Keep me posted on your results.

      • Char Staszak says:

        Hey Jason, I am so happy I only have 5 days in and already lot 8 pounds. This is the best advice I have ever received in losing and maintaining…counting calories just wasn’t for me. On top of all that I am not hungry like with the cal-count way. Thanks and keep making videos. Char

  15. Mohamed says:

    Hi, Can I kindly ask you, is yellow rice okay for diet or white rice? The thing is, i am a student abroad and i dont get the list of foods u mentioned, just white/yellow rice, chicken, pasta, salad. I do go gym mostly everyday for one hour session of Cardio, running and weight lifting….the only problem is because of diet thing..i only eat 3times a day fat meals..theres no healthy meals.. any advice? If i eat little instead these fat food while excersing. ..would that be good to loose weight? For howlong? 2weeks?

    • Hi Mohamed. Great question. I personally don’t know if there’s anyone who would notice a significant difference between eating white or yellow rice. The main think I’d be trying to do is combine that rice with as much protein as I can. So if it’s just chicken… make sure you’re eating your rice with chicken or some other protein because It’s going to cause less fat storage over the long term. (studies have verified this). I’d try to make that ratio of meat to rice at least 50/50. Always opt for adding protein whenever you are consuming starchy carbs like rice. Together they can be a potent muscle building combo. I would NOT be eating “little”. I would eat a good amount (BUMP my protein intake with each meal like I said)… and exercise intense mostly focusing on weight lifting. Many people have done very well with similar diet plans. Very well.

  16. Samara says:

    What about diet drinks? I drink a lot of diet drinks. Would this hurt weightloss? Thanks in advance

  17. JP says:

    Starting tomorrow. I don’t have all the food prepared but I am making a commitment. How do you feel about kettlebells? I have a 20lbs KB and a treadmill at home. Am I good to go.?

    • Hey Jp… bottom line I believe that you can make most any workout very effective. Just remember one word… intensity. The intensity and focus you workout with is more important than they type of exercise in my book.

  18. Adam says:

    Cant wait to start this! Going to throw all my tempting foods out and what workout do you recommend for the morning?

    • Best of luck Adam! – I personally do a combo of weight lifting and cardio. Most important key of all — intensity. That means… keep the pace high throughout your workout.

  19. Claribell P says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’m very interested in your program and I will start tomorrow. My favorite part is the healthy eating. I have a question, I imagine the out meal is plain with no milk, how do you make it? Also, how many times a day you eat fruit? Any kind?

    Thank you!

  20. hello clarens, i understood the diet part now is the kind of exercise i need the specifics thanks

  21. jing jing davao says:

    hello sir jason ,i will try your ideas because i always try to become lose my fat even it will takes a months but still not works may be because at night i eat plenty because my mother prepare me a lots of foods like grilled pork after that drink softdrinks so my mind said its ok to eat because tmrw i wk up and jogging but i saw ur video my style is wrong and i discover that juices ,energy drinks cas also provide some fats,, sir jason hopefully your ideas is the key of my succes ,,GOD BLESS U ALWAYS …

  22. anne says:

    hello, does calculating calorie intake come to play while sticking to what you recommended. if you could explain more ill really appreciate it.

  23. Tisha says:

    Hi! I just have 2 pounds more on my stomach how can do to reduce it fast and get a flat and firm stomach???

    • Two things I like to do are BUMP healthy fat consumption (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil) and increase protein. Doing this along with 5 to 6 days intense exercise works wonders for my midsection Tisha. If you try that for 2 weeks and still not getting results (i’m talking with really stubborn fat) there are certain supps that could benefit. Honestly though – increasing your protein intake by a healthy margin creates a thermogenic state in the body which really can help you over the hurdle.

  24. Janneke says:

    Hi, I’m starting soon with this program, and I think it’s amazing that it’s just a week or two. But I have some questions;

    -I always eat one slice of bread in the morning with chocolate and a glass of milk, I would like to keep the bread but is it better if I toast it and then put cheese on it? And what to drink?

    -I can’t cook meat and vegtables so often because I’m staying at someone else’. Is there a simple alternitive? Like apples, banana’s, kiwi’s and carrots? I like cucumber aswell and they have it here in their garden.

    -Apart from this..I want to do pushups but I can’t even do 1, I also can’t do the version on the knees because my kneecaps move. Is there an alternative?

    -I have another issue, my legs are too big, my upper thigh is 20.5 inch and my waist is naturally at 24 inch, so it looks kind of weird. It’s mostly my upper legs, because that’s also a problem with pants, that part don’t fit. Can I do something about it?

    Sorry for al the long questions. FYI I’m 18 and female.


  25. hey jason, i am having a bit of flabby stomach and some fat in the chest area like male breasts.. so, i want you tell me what exercises should i do to lose that belly and chest fat… and i found your videos really motivating.. so, just provide me a diet plan and a workout plan.. Nowadays, i don’t go to gym because of studies.. by the way my age is 16…

  26. Chris Lovell says:

    Hi Jason , does this work for kids too

    • Hey Chris… bottom line – I believe it can work for all people but I’m NOT a doctor. Anyone who is a minor needs to check with their parents and everyone should consult their doctor or qualified health care practitioner. Safety first… period.

  27. Hi, I never had a stomach before and within the last 3 years at the age of 50 I have developed visceral fat! I can not stand it! I am in the peri-menopause period at this time in my life and am now taking plant based Bi-est I receive from my doctor to curtail the symptoms of menopause. I rub 3 to 4 drops of the Bi-est into my wrist or thin areas of my body to balance out my hormones and control the sweating. The fat on my thighs and stomach appeared the same time I began showing signs of Menopause. I am reading many conflicting stories about how hard it is to lose weight if your hormones are not controlled. I had to cut sugary and sweet foods considerably out of my diet due to the way it made me feel sickly and it would cause me to sweat. I will it it probably once a week now if that often. I am on day 18 on my daily running regimen which is very difficult for I have not ran like this in some years. I stopped drinking juices from the grocery stores. However, we would take lots of fresh ginger, fresh pineapple and unsweetened pineapple juice with alkaline water and make ginger juice with no added sugars of any sort using out vita-mix machine. I am cutting out the carbs as you say and see if I can see more of a difference. I have added more fruit and salad into my diet. Are fresh cherries okay, for they were in season? I run between 2 and 4 miles a day right now and I am working on my legs and arms on the few machines in the fitness center of my apartment complex. Am also doing various crunches for my stomach. Hopefully with what I have read from your site today I will see a bigger difference. Thank you.

  28. Hi, I am 16 and I have instant oatmeal and egg whites and blueberries for breakfast and Chicken and broccoli and sweet potatoes for lunch and And chicken and broccoli for dinner and my snacks between the day is whey protein powder, an apple, strawberries, Peanut butter, and almonds do I need to change anything and plus I do 30 mins Of high intensity training and 30 mins of weight Training is that If I keep on doing that do you think I can burn my belly fat ? Thanks so much

    • Hey Prince. #1 – make sure to talk with your parents and consult your doctor. As a minor get your parents involved with your decisions. Speaking personally – I love the foods you have listed and the training. I eat the same foods daily basis and my results are phenomenal combined with my training. No guarantees… but in my opinion it looks like you’re doing some great things here and I’m impressed that someone your age has a grasp like this!

  29. yvette says:

    I dont eat meat. What do you recommend

    • Hey Yvette. One word… supplement. If you’re strict vegan (no animal foods) than things like hemp protein powder, soy protein and others are good. Bump healthy fat intake with nuts and avocados. Beans are also good thing to add to diet. If you are simply vegetarian and don’t eat “dead” than things like eggs and whey are great in order to get adequate protein. Hope this helps

  30. Cristian Mendoza says:

    I’d there a certain age group that you have to be to star this?

    • Hey Christina – best to consult your doctor and for minors to check with there parents or legal guardians. This is what my answer is to the Age question. I feel that this info can be beneficial to pretty much everyone though (just my opinion)

  31. Claudia Naffa says:

    Just found your website and l like what you share with the world, it makes sense.
    My problem is belly fat, my favorite sport swimming, tomorrow I will try to find a pool, if i can’t find one I will try the step master, I haven’t swim in 10 years, it should be fun.

    Thansk you for sharing,

    Claudia Naffa

  32. Albert says:

    Hey Jason,
    just wanted to say thank you for posting this…I really appreciate the “straight to the point” videos. I will apply this to my diet and see how it goes.

  33. prince jundi says:

    I have a question Jason. How can I have 6 meals daily and have them 2.5 hours apart if I am working 8 hours a day or at college and have very little breaks?

    • Hey Prince – totally understand the busy schedule – I can relate. What I do in my daily life is make food ahead of time. I also use things like protein shakes and such as supplements when I don’t have time to grab something. Bottom line, there are ways to fit it in if – each meal doesn’t have to be “a sit down dinner” – I just make an emphasis on quick healthy protein sources and fats throughout my day.

  34. Erika Lynn says:

    God I LOVE U!! thx so much.. Question,.agave nectar organic raw honey..sweet potato..cold cuts(plain) low salt turkey..ham……(low salt) roast beef..(deli)..lofat mozzarella. I’m eating these without bread.. Not a lot but maybe with egg whites for lunch..okay how about spinach wraps..wraps in general (check out the brand mission) 4.5 grams of fat in the whole big wrap 210 cal.. I will do wraps fie lunch maybev3x out of 7 days.. Never mayo dont work..I’ll use avocado or 1 tspn of (smart balance) is smart balance okay?? I want to get this done within 2 month I have just a little fat so I have a cheat day every week..I’m also doing a raw honey & cinnamon hot drink ever morni g and rigjt before bed& irganic apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of cold water right before each meal.. I know I’m loosing inches.. I ABSOLUTLY love your 14 day diet..I’m using it for my husband..but.. If you could give me you’re opinion in my questions I’d appreciate it!! Yours seriously AMAZING! I’m going to see you on t.v one day helping the world! You have that it factor!!! Xxoo <3 Erika Lynn

    • Thanks for the kind words Erika – just been filing through all the comments here so apologize for the delay. The following are just my thoughts (i’m sure some will disagree but whatever) — If my main goal is to burn fat. I mean – get rid of the stomach abnormality I’m doing whatever I can to eliminate sugar from my diet. So, while I eat fruit… I don’t add additional things like honey. Doesn’t mean honey isn’t healthy – I’m just talking in terms of my fat loss goal. As far as spinach wrap (yukkkk!). Sorry, but most wraps will do nothing for your fat loss goal but make it worse… I think you’re trying to eat a little too much like a bird (unless your a vegan or are avoiding meat for personal beliefs) I be making sure I’m adding proteins to each meal. Why? Because in my experience you burn more fat with substance. As far as smart balance and things like that I won’t really go into that, but I have my personal opinions and they aren’t favorable to the vast majority of processed “alternative” spreads. Bottom line – to burn fat. I’m talking if I want a dramatic change and also improve my health. Than I’m eating as “base” as possible at least 5 times per day. This means I reserve my carbs for things like oatmeal and sweet potatoes and occasional brown rice. The whole versions of “real” food. The bulk of my meals contain protein and healthy fat. For example: chicken breast and avocado. I realize there’s a vast array of conflicting opinions out there, the problem is that opinions don’t count unless the people who give them have the results to back them up. So the people running around saying that eating things like fat will make you fat are naive – these are the same people running around saying to choose things like Canola oil over butter. Just my thoughts Erika. Hope this helps. P.S. My before bed snacks include proteins and things that burn long and slow throughout the night.

  35. Aaron says:

    Hey Jason! Thanks for the tips! I have a question though….. Could I use DDP Yoga as my workout?

  36. carlos says:

    Awesome Article……quick question please if i may?
    Would it be ok to follow this diet routine for the next 14 days to loose fat belly as i’m a size 40 waist at the moment and would like to significantly reduce it to a 38 w.
    i’d like to excercise in the morning say 5am……..
    Eat oatmeal plus water as first meal…….then have an apple as a midmorning snack…….lunch eat a serving of oatmeal and have a banana a couple of hours later…….
    then have dinner with my family say lean meat plus veggies as the final meal.
    any thoughts?

    • Sounds good to me Carlos. I always tell people that I don’t give “advice” I simply share what has worked for me and the info in this article has. What I like to do is give something a shot for a week when it comes to burning fat and c what kind of results I notice… I can always make adjustments if it’s not working. So if I need to pick up the intensity of my exercise or add more protein to my diet than I can once I notice it’s not working for me.

  37. nina says:

    Hi jason
    i’m nina i’m sorry i speak french and i don’t really understand what you say in the video can you help me to write it and i’ll translete it in french please !! it to much but please just like you help us please please !! :((

  38. Ali says:

    Hi jason,thanks for all. I am going to start the routine you suggested , my belly has a lot fat , and i am sick , also my face getting big. lets see , good day and cheers.
    Ali, London

  39. Austin says:

    I’m a teenager trying to lose weight, I have been doing everything I could do to lose fat but all I am getting is bigger muscles. Luckily I found this and I’m going to start adding this stuff to my daily routine

  40. lauukik says:

    hey jason i had renal transplant like 2 yr back and after tht i had gain around 8 kg weight speciall weight is seen on my stomach and my lower body …and i wanna grow my height too what should i do ,,,,, my age is 23 hight is 5 feet do help bro tc n

  41. Esko Meikäläinen says:

    Hello Jason,

    You talked about working with weights and so on, but how about for going to swim each morning or cycling? I have to admit that i hate working out in gyms and running, but swimming and cycling are two things that i love very much.

    I wound your swimming exercise and i was thinking to trying that. Also i was thinking to cut elevators and just use stairs, maybe that’s not lot but have to be something extra and it cannot be bad, right?

    Esko Meikäläinen

  42. Elizabeth Mylan says:

    Hello, i just discovered you.
    I love your philosophy. My worst issue is belly fat. So starting from tomorrow, I am going to start the routine you provided.

    Elizabeth, British Virgin Islands

    • Hey, that’s great Elizabeth! Thanks for posting my friend and I’m glad you’re giving it a shot. I would love to hear about your results so please keep me updated on your progress by posting again. Have yourself a great day :)

  43. Sam Syahmi says:

    Hello Jason..

    I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been watching your videos and applied it in my daily life..
    And I just want to thank you that it works!
    I got my body shape back and I am so happy about it.. :D :D
    I actually got a few questions to ask you,if you don’t mind..

    1) In your Naturally lose stomach fats video,you said to do a circuit training/exercise.. Can you be more specifics to what exercise or what do you thinks the best exercise and how many reps.. Thanks

    2) Can you talk more about our daily life food such as egg,milk,yogurt and so on..
    Thank you again for taking your times and reaaalllyyy hope that that you would answer my questions.. :) :)

    - Love from Malaysia -

    • Hey Sam – sorry for the delay here… just getting the hang of this “blog commenting” setup I have here so missed a few comments. Many apologies! Anyway – two video that I think will answer your questions…

      1. My exact thoughts on exercise with the sole goal of getting the quickest possible results:

      2. My thoughts on eggs and milk and such:

      Let me know if these videos answer your questions Sam.

      Thanks for the post,


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